Cultural Safety Module 1: Peoples Experiences of Colonization

Suggestions for Self Care

As you work through these cultural safety modules, you are asked to critically reflect on your values and beliefs and on your privilege. You may find this difficult at times as it may bring up emotional responses such as fear, guilt, or anger. However, the experience also has the potential to be both enlightening and enriching-it may even change your life or your nursing practice.

Try to do as many of the suggested readings and learning activities as you can. Most importantly, view and listen to the video vignettes. Discuss your responses to the vignettes and any of the readings and activities you complete with colleagues, family members, or friends. This will help to affirm your experience and provide background for your learning and your feelings.

  • do something physical; physical activity helps to relieve feelings of stress, anxiety, or worry, so go for a walk, do yoga, or spend time in your garde
  • keep a learning journal to express your thoughts about what you are learning as you engage with the material; this is a wonderful way to reflect on how your opinions and emotions may change as you work your way through the modules
  • create an art or craft project that reflects what you are learning and feeling

    Click to view projects from the April 2005 Nursing 489 Culture and Health Class UVic School of Nursing:
  • listen to music you find relaxing
  • have a warm drink
  • visit with your pet
  • bake or cook something

The most important thing is to be gentle with yourself. Always remember that you are not responsible for events that occurred 200 years ago, or even 50 years ago, but you can take action now, even if just in very small ways, to ensure that the mistakes of history are not repeated.