Cultural Safety Module 1: Peoples Experiences of Colonization

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Strength and Capacity

The strength, capacity, and constructive resistance of Indigenous peoples have always been evident45 and are a major focus of these modules. Listen to Roger John's statement of resistance in relation to the land of his people and Sheila Dick's reflection on the "good history."

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Roger John, We Were Not Conquered
Roger John,
We Were Not Conquered

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  vertical line   Sheila Dick: Good history
Sheila Dick,
'Good History'

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Cultural safety supports working with, and expanding, the capacity and strength that already exists within individuals, groups and communities, to find opportunities to engage with people as they determine their own health and health care. There are many such resources to be accessed, for example, the knowledge and "expertise" that individuals have based on their experiences with health care, traditional health knowledges and approaches, and the specialized knowledge of health professionals.

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