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Grammar and StructureGRAMMAR & STRUCTURE
Past Tense Expressions


Common Past Time Expressions

Example Sentences

Similar Expressions

(one day before today)

I walked to work yesterday.

Yesterday, I walked to work.

yesterday morning
yesterday evening
yesterday afternoon

the day before yesterday
(two days before today)

Redd bought a house the day before yesterday.

The day before yesterday, Redd bought a house.

the week before last (week)
the night before last (night)

last night
(the most recent night)

Avril travelled to Halifax last month.

Last month, Avril travelled to Halifax.

last time
last week
last month
last year

this morning
(an earlier time on the same day)

Kathleen called me this morning.

This morning, Kathleen called me.

this afternoon
this evening

one week ago
(a specific period of time in the past)

Kenneth and his wife had a baby one week ago.

One week ago, Kenneth and his wife had a baby.

one hour ago
one day ago
one month ago
one year ago

in 1990
(a specific point in the past)

Darren finished university in 1990.

In 1990, Darren finished university.

in 1970
in March
on Sunday

when + subject + past tense verb
(a specific period of time, event, or point in the past)

Paul played basketball when he was a student.

When he was a student, Paul played basketball.

when I was born

when John finished high school

when I turned 18