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Grammar and StructureGRAMMAR & STRUCTURE — Examples
Past Time Expressions


Examples sentences using past time expressions:


At End of Sentence

At Beginning of Sentence


I walked to work yesterday.

Yesterday, I walked to work.

the day / week / month before yesterday / last

Redd bought a house the day before yesterday.

The day before yesterday, Redd bought a house.

last night / week / month / year

Avril travelled to Halifax last month.

Last month, Avril travelled to Halifax.

this morning / afternoon / evening

Kathleen called me this morning.

This morning, Kathleen called me.

week / month / year ago

Kenneth and his wife had a baby one week ago.

One week ago, Kenneth and his wife had a baby.

in + year

Darren finished university in 1990.

In 1990, Darren finished university.

when + subject + past tense verb

Paul played basketball when he was a student.

When he was a student, Paul played basketball.