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Grammar and StructureGRAMMAR & STRUCTURE
Past Continuous



The past continuous describes actions continuing in the past.


Graham was sleeping this morning.


Past Continuous:

  • has the structure was / were + verb-ing.
  • describes actions happening at a specific point in the past.
  • describes actions happening at the same time in the past.
  • describes actions that were happening when a second action (simple past) happened.
  • is not used with the verbs "be", "believe", "belong", "forget", "have", "hear", "know", "like", "love", "need", "prefer", "remember", "see", "seem", "understand", or "want".
  • add "not" between "was / were" and the verb-ing to make a negative sentence.
  • uses "was / were" as auxiliary verbs to make questions.

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