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ExercisesUNIT 1 — Lesson 1 — Exercise 3 of 3
Thesis Statements


Choose the best thesis statement for each of the following illustrative essay topics.



Topic: Successful business people


A successful business person is always very busy.


These days, to be successful in business you need to work hard, establish clear goals, and have good timing.


Having your picture on the front page of the newspaper is an indication of success.





Topic: Changes in the weather patterns around the world


Sub-zero temperatures in tropical regions, fierce winters, and disastrous flooding are key examples of global warming.


This essay explains the reasons for an increase in the number of melting icebergs in the Arctic.


The weather in our region has changed a lot in the last couple of years.





Topic: Modern Barbie dolls


The Barbie doll my daughter plays with is exactly like the one I used to play with as a child.


Like all toys, Barbie dolls have changed to encompass all members of society, including African Americans, female military officers and lesbians.


Children are less likely to play with Barbie dolls these days because most would rather interact with technology.





Topic: Reality Television


Reality Television is believed to be the "wave of the future," but I believe it will soon be waving good-bye.


It is possible to watch a Reality Television program every night of the week if you have cable.


The onslaught of Reality Television feeds some base human instincts: curiosity, competitiveness, and jealousy.





Topic: Playing computer "catch up"


Our lives are being inundated with computers, so it is necessary to stay informed, buy the latest programs, and upgrade your equipment annually.


Computer technology is much more advanced than society can ever imagine.


Purchasing the most up-to-date computer equipment is the only way to maintain a satisfactory level of computer literacy.