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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


lesson bookUNIT 1 — Lesson 1B
Seven Ways to Write an Introduction


1. Funnel

In this style of introduction, a wide, general, opening statement gradually becomes more narrow, just like a funnel, which has a wide opening that narrows to a small spout. In a way, the information is funnelled to the thesis statement.

In a funnel introduction, the opening statement is general, then supporting statements make less general points and lead to the specific topic that is stated in the thesis statement. It is important to note that the following example introduction is two paragraphs long, which is common in introductions where it is necessary to develop the setting.


I have absolutely no luck with apartments. No, that's not exactly true. The apartment in which I live is lovely, and I like it a lot. The problem rests with the apartment building itself. OK, let's narrow that down further. I have no complaint with the actual combination of concrete, bricks and mortar that makes up the apartment building. If I am completely honest, I must say that I have no luck with neighbours.

I seem to be cursed with noisy neighbours. They are perfectly nice people, but seem to have a different concept of noise pollution than I do. I can divide these noisy neighbours into three main categories: the Music Lovers, the Decorators, and the Building Inspectors. Although very different, they are bound together by a common goal — to drive me slowly but surely insane.