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lesson bookUNIT 1 — Lesson 1B
Seven Ways to Write an Introduction


5. Question

Question MarksAsking a question at the beginning of an essay is a useful tool for drawing the reader in. The question can be used to intrigue the reader, or it can set the tone for the essay. The writer can ask a question in the introduction and then wrap the essay around the answer. It is best to use Information Questions rather than Yes/No Questions. Questions, when written correctly, are great for hooking the reader.


Who would willingly plunge into water that never gets warmer than ten degrees Celsius? Surprisingly, many British Columbian scuba divers jump at this opportunity twelve months a year. This may surprise many divers who only consider the sport in the context of the white sand beaches, cloudless skies, and tepid azure waters of the Caribbean or Southeast Asia; when one thinks "diving", one naturally thinks "tropics". Thus, British Columbia may well be the last place one would associate with this exciting water sport. Although serious scuba divers might assume that the cold, dark, West Coast waters would not have much to offer them, they should consider Vancouver Island as a diving destination because it offers peace of mind, a wide variety of dive sites, and a plethora of animal life.