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lesson bookUNIT 1 — Lesson 2B
Transitions Between Paragraphs


Capturing the reader's interest is key in the introductory paragraph. Maintaining the interest happens in the body of the essay, and the most effective way to maintain reader interest and to ensure that the reader is able to follow the essay is to use transitions. Using transition words or phrases shows the reader the connection between paragraphs. There are three common ways to connect paragraphs:

  • Repeat key words.
  • Refer to ideas from the paragraph before.
  • Use transitional expressions and sentences.

When a word from one paragraph is repeated in the following paragraph, the reader is able to follow the essay more easily.


Topic: The Causes of Traffic Accidents

End of Paragraph 1: Even the most careful drivers cannot always avoid the dangers of bad weather; therefore, the most sensible drivers try to avoid the bad weather.

Start of Paragraph 2: Weather is not the only hazard on the road.

The word "weather" is a key word. Also, "not the only" is a transitional phrase that links one idea with another idea.