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lesson bookUNIT 1 — Lesson 3
Concluding Paragraphs (Conclusion)


The conclusion of an essay plays an important role in the effectiveness of the essay as a whole. Regardless of how well written the introductory and supporting paragraphs are, the essay is ineffective if the reader does not recognize the end of the essay. It is important that the conclusion does not add major new ideas to the essay; rather, it should summarize or refer to the main points already given. Its job is to conclude, not continue, the discussion.

The purpose of a concluding paragraph is:

  • To bring the essay to a close
  • To reinforce the thesis statement
  • To leave the reader with a strong impression

There are six ways to conclude an essay:

  1.  With a call for action
2.  With a question
3.  With a final decisive point
4.  With an overview of key points
5.  With a quotation
6.  With a statistic