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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


lesson bookUNIT 1 — Lesson 3
Concluding Paragraphs (Conclusion)


An enthusiastic man on a podium calling speaking to a group1. Call for Action

A call for action asks the reader to do something. Asking the reader to take an action engages him or her with the topic and leaves a strong impression. This conclusion, for an essay on how to prepare for the TOEFL, asks the reader to be patient and to study vocabulary.


By following these three steps — analyzing, organizing, and practising — students can effectively increase their vocabulary specifically for subjects tested on the TOEFL. This is certainly not a quick process and will require frequent review and practice. However, after going through these steps, students should find that further vocabulary study becomes easier. Idioms and phrasal verbs, for instance, are also tested extensively on the TOEFL (especially in the Listening section) and can be approached by using the same three steps. Remember that patience is the key! A high TOEFL score will only come through perseverance and application, but increasing vocabulary is a very good place to start.