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lesson bookUNIT 1 — Lesson 3
Concluding Paragraphs (Conclusion)


5. A Quotation

Using a quotation that is well known, or that is from a well-known person, helps a writer make a point in a powerful way. Quotations give a literary and authoritative tone to an essay. This conclusion, from an essay about teaching animals to "speak," uses a quotation from Malcolm De Chazal, a well-known modern French writer. The quotation makes the reader think about the nature of language and how we use language. This adds significance to the writer's discussion on how animals may learn to use language.


Chazal said "Our expression and our words never coincide, which is why the animals don't understand us." None of these animals can communicate fluently with humans. However, we have learned from Koko, Nim Chimpsky and Kanzi that while primates may not be capable of mastering human language, they are capable of using a communication system. Perhaps it is up to us to learn their communication systems before we, like Dr. Doolittle, can talk to monkeys.