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lesson bookUNIT 1 — Lesson 3
Concluding Paragraphs (Conclusion)


woman with chart6. A Statistic

Using a statistic in a conclusion leaves readers with an impressive fact that reinforces the points made in the essay. This conclusion, from an essay about different types of neighbours, shows that the writer is part of a large group of people who have had similar experiences. This helps the readers believe what the writer says.


More than 15 percent of Canadians have lived overseas, so I am no exception. However, I feel that I have more experience than most people because I have lived in several apartment buildings, in several cities around the world. I am convinced that these three general categories of noisy neighbours exist everywhere. At least, I hope they do. The only other explanation for my bad luck with apartments is that when I move, my noisy neighbours pack up their belongings and follow me!