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Reference Tools


To use the writing skills learned in this unit, you should understand the concepts explained in the reference tools listed here.

Click on the links below to go to each Reference Tool section. The Reference Tool section that you have chosen will open in a second browser window. After you have finished with each Reference Tool section, you will need to close the second browser window to return to this page.

Grammar and Structure

Common Linking Words and Their Uses
Commonly Used Punctuation
Sentence Combining: Part 1
Sentence Combining: Part 2
Sentence Errors — Run-ons: Part 1
Sentence Errors — Run-ons: Part 2
Sentence Errors — Fragments

Writing Tips

Outline for an Illustrative Essay
Planning and Organizing
Drafting and Revising

Fine Tuning Your Language — Paraphrasing Passages

Editing the Revised Draft
Checklist for an Illustrative Essay