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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


Verb "To Be"


Chart and sentences showing forms of the verb "to be"

Pronoun Present Example Sentence
I am I am tired today.
You are You are happy today.
He/She/It is He is a student.
We are We are in love.
They are They are hungry now.

Pronoun Past Example Sentence
I was I was tired yesterday.
You were You were happy yesterday.
He/She/It was He was a student last year.
We were We were in love two years ago.
They were They were hungry an hour ago.

Pronoun Future Example Sentence
I will be I will be tired tomorrow.
You will be You will be happy tomorrow.
He/She/It will be He will be a student next year.
We will be We will be in love next year too.
They will be They will be hungry this evening too.

Sample sentences using the verb "to be" in different tenses

He is a handsome man. Present tense
It is a rainy day. Present tense
We are driving in our car. Present continuous
I am working at the computer now. Present continuous
The car is driven every day. Passive sentence
The trip was wonderful. Past tense
The child was playing in the park yesterday. Past continuous
Our boss will be pleased with our work. Future tense
Is the work difficult? Yes / No question