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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


Future Simple


Answer the following questions to check your knowledge of the future simple.

Choose the best form of the future simple tense for the following situations.


Situation: On Monday morning, John decides to go to a movie on Monday night. What does John say Monday afternoon?

I am going to a movie tonight.
I will go to a movie tonight.

The correct answer is "I am going to a movie tonight."


Situation: Helen decides to ride her bicycle at 1:00. What does Helen say at 1:00?

  I am riding my bicycle.
  I will ride my bicycle.

Situation: The bus leaves every day at 8:45. What does Brian say at 8:30?

  The train leaves at 8:45.
  The train will leave at 8:45.

Situation: Tuesday morning, Harry decides to go to the concert on Wednesday night. What does Harry say Tuesday night?

  I will go to the concert.
  I am going to the concert.

Situation: The teacher asks the children to help her. What do the children say?

  We are going to help.
  We will help you.

Situation: The waitress asks, "Would you like coffee or tea?" What is the correct answer?

  I will have tea, please.
  I am having tea, please.

Situation: On Tuesday Jacob decides to travel to India next week. What does Jacob say on Saturday?

  I go to India.
  I am going to go to India.

Situation: Elaine asks: "How are you getting home, by bus, car, or walking?" What is the correct answer?

  "I don't know. Let me think. ... I will walk home."
  "I don't know. Let me think. ...I am going to walk home."

Situation: At 4:00 Gina does not know what she is doing for the evening. What does she say?

  Maybe I will go to a movie.
  Maybe I am going to a movie.

Situation: On Friday, Joe decides to work on Sunday. What does he say on Saturday?

  I am going to work on Sunday.
  I will work on Sunday.

Situation: At 11:00 the sky is dark and it might rain. What does Richard say?

  It rains this afternoon.
  I think it will rain this afternoon.