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Future Continuous



The future continuous tense describes future continuing actions and actions that are in progress at a specific time.


Hillary will be visiting her mother from 2:00 until 3:00 this afternoon.


The future continuous --

  • has the form will + be + verb-ing.
    For example: "Gary will be swimming this afternoon at 4:00."
  • describes actions which will be continuing at a certain time in the future.
    For example: "I'll be flying to Amsterdam at 3:30 this afternoon."
  • describes actions already planned.
    For example: "I will be speaking to John this afternoon."
  • has yes / no question forms.
    For example: "Will you be going to the meeting tomorrow?"
  • has information question forms.
    For example: "Where will you be staying?"
  • uses future time expressions.
    For example: "At 12:00, Ivan will be eating lunch."

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