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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


Future Continuous


Sentences using future continuous:

Future Continuous Example


Donna will be working work at 4:30.

Donna will begin working before 4:30, and she will continue working past 4:30

Gail will be meeting with Chris at 11:00.

Gail and Chris will have a meeting before 11:00, and they will continue the meeting past 11:00.

Martha will be taking swimming lessons at 8:00.

Martha will begin her swimming lesson before 8:00, and her lesson will continue past 8:00.

My mother will be staying with us next week.

This decision was made before today. It is the week before my mother stays with me. My mother will be staying from Monday until Sunday.

I will be going to the store this afternoon.

This decision was made before now. It is the morning before I go to the store.