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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available




Answer the following questions to check your knowledge of pronouns.

Choose the sentence that uses the correct pronouns to describe the situation.


Wayne gives flowers to Vivianne every Saturday.

She gives it to her.
He gives her to them.
They give it to her.
He gives them to her.

The correct answer is "He gives them to her."


The mother buys clothes for the boy.

  He buys him for them.
  She buys her for him.
  She buys them for him.
  She buys it for her.

The boy makes dinner for his father every night.

  He makes it for her.
  He makes it for him.
  She makes him for it.
  He makes it for them.

The little girl gets money from her parents every week.

  They get her from it every week.
  She gets her from them every week.
  She gets it from them every week.
  They get it from her every week.

The woman meets her husband for dinner.

  She meets it for dinner.
  They meet her for dinner.
  He meets it for dinner.
  She meets him for dinner.

The businessman takes the airplane to Vancouver.

  He takes it to Vancouver.
  She takes it to Vancouver.
  He takes her to Vancouver.
  It takes her to Vancouver.

The book belongs to Alice.

  He is hers.
  It is his.
  She is its.
  It is hers.

Pierre and Amos own a house.

  It is there.
  It is his.
  It is their.
  It is theirs.

The woman buys food at the supermarket.

  She buys it there.
  She buys it.
  She buys them there.
  She buys him at the supermarket.

The man calls his girlfriend on the cell phone.

  He calls her on them.
  She calls him on it.
  They call her on it.
  He calls her on it.

The little girl gives candy to her brother.

  She gives it to him.
  He gives it to her.
  She gives her to him.
  She gives them to it.