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An adjective gives more information about a noun.


Dave has a







Adjectives --

  • give more information about nouns.
    "He drank a fine, Spanish wine."
  • give information about someone's opinion.
    "This is delicious food."
  • give information about age.
    "This is an old book."
  • give information about colour.
    "She is wearing a green coat."
  • give information about size and measurement.
    "She is wearing a short skirt."
  • give information about shape.
    "Dave has a round face."
  • give information about origin.
    "Dena has an Italian boyfriend."
  • give information about characteristics.
    "He is wearing a soft sweater."
  • give information about what something is made of.
    "He has a leather jacket."
  • give information about purpose.
    "He teaches at a driving school."
  • do not change form for plural nouns.
    "He has two leather jackets."
  • go before the nouns they describe.
  • follow the verbs "to be," "to feel," "to taste," "to smell," "to look," and "to sound."
    "This jacket feels soft."
  • can show possession.
    "This is my jacket."
  • follow the verb "get" to show a change to the situation.
    "It is 8:00 at night. It is the end of the day. The sun is gone. It is getting dark."

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