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Sentences using contractions


Subject and Verb


I'm tired today.

subject + verb = I am

negative contracted form = I'm not

You're tired today.

subject + verb = You are

negative contracted form = You're not / you aren't

He's tired today.

subject + verb = He is

negative contracted form = He's not / He isn't

We're hungry today.

subject + verb = We are

negative contracted form = We're not / We aren't

They're hungry today.

subject + verb = They are

negative contracted form = They're not / They aren't

I'll have a tea, please.

subject + verb = I will

negative contracted form = I won't

There's a book on the table.

subject + verb = There is

negative contracted form = There's not / There isn't

Byron's sick today.

subject + verb = Byron is

negative contracted form = Byron's not / Byron isn't

The dog's hungry.

subject + verb = The dog is

Negative contracted form = The dog's not / The dog isn't

What's your name?

question word + verb = What is

Negative contracted form = What isn't / What's not

Don't you eat meat?

auxiliary verb + not + subject = Do you not

Negative question = Don't

You cannot contract a positive question using an auxiliary verb