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Simple Past or Past Progressive Tense

For each of the following questions, listen to a person talking. You can read the person’s words, In the questions, the simple past and past progressive tenses are missing. The words “when” and “while” are also missing. Fill in the blanks by choosing the words that the person says.

  1. My mother loudly the baby .

  2. Joe’s grandma in 1997.

  3. She a happy person and she hard all her life.

  4. I a salad for dinner.

  5. they across Canada, they two small accidents.

  6. What the princess ?

  7. I that I her, but I wrong.

  8. Alice a child, she a pet bird.

  9. the boss , the workers not to laugh.

  10. The apartment like a wet dog, so I to live there.