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Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns

For each of the following questions, listen to a person talking. You can read the person’s words. In the questions, some words are missing. Fill in the blanks by choosing the words that the person says.

  1. computer is broken. Is broken, too?

  2. house is in Vancouver, but is in Victoria and is in Nanaimo.

  3. You want me to go to a party with you? party is it? invited?

  4. marks are good, but aren’t. That’s problem, not .

  5. fun to wash the dog, but hair is very dirty.

  6. classes have ten students. How many students are in classes?

  7. sister is a very intelligent woman, and is intelligent, too.

  8. shoes are these?

  9. dad is driving car. not my mom’s car; .

  10. coat is in the closet.