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Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns

In this exercise, listen to a person saying many sentences. Then, listen to each sentence. You can read the person’s words. In the sentences, some words are missing. Fill in the blanks by choosing the words that the person says.

Listen to a man talking.

Listen to one of the sentences again. Choose the word that the man says.

  1. I’m very careful with money.

  2. Every month, I write a plan for money.

  3. Because of plan, I know how much money I have, and I know what I can buy with money.

  4. She doesn’t think about money — she just spends it!

  5. So, my money lasts all month, but disappears fast.

  6. I said to her, “Shelly, make a plan like !”

  7. money problems will end!

  8. plan is boring!