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Lesson 1A


Prepositions are important!

Prepositions can change the meaning of sentences. Look at these pictures and read the sentences. The prepositions about, to, at, and in are very important in these sentences! Click on the sentences to listen to them.

A letter from Sarah to her friend Rosa. The letter is about Sarah's new boyfriend named Alan.

The letter is about Alan.

An envelope with Alan's name on it.

The letter is to Alan.

Two boys are playing catch with a ball and glove.

Joey threw the ball to Frank.

The boy is angry and is throwing the ball at the other boy. The other boy is about to be hit by the ball.

Joey threw the ball at Frank.

A woman standing in a hospital hallway.

Allison is at the hospital.

The same woman is a patient in a hospital bed in the hospital.

Allison is in the hospital.

A woman calling to her son who is on the other side of a river.

Mrs. Jones shouted to her son.

The woman is angry and yelling at her son. He is all wet because he ran through the river.

Mrs. Jones shouted at her son.