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Look at this picture.

Two children are playing catch in a living room. A ball is between them. There is a fish in a bowl on the floor between the two kids. A dog is running through the room. There is a chair behind the girl. A TV and a lamp are on a table. A cat is lying under the table. There is a picture on the wall above the TV.

For each of the following questions, listen to a sentence about the picture. Click True if the sentence is correct. Click False if the sentence is incorrect. If your answer is incorrect, look at the explanation. You can click on “Read the Words” to read the sentences.

  1. Read the Words

    The girl is throwing the ball at the boy.

  2. Read the Words

    The ball is between the two children.

  3. Read the Words

    The television is behind the table.

  4. Read the Words

    The picture is above the television.

  5. Read the Words

    The cat is under the table.

  6. Read the Words

    The children are throwing the ball over the fishbowl.

  7. Read the Words

    The fish is on the bowl.

  8. Read the Words

    The chair is in front of the girl.

  9. Read the Words

    The dog is running through the room.

  10. Read the Words

    The lamp is below the television.