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Simple Present or Present Progressive Tense

This exercise has ten questions. For each one, listen to a person talking. You can read the person’s words. In the questions, the simple present and present progressive tenses are missing. Fill in the blanks by choosing the word or words that the person says.

  1. My daughter always half my banana.

  2. Shelly TV right now.

  3. I Bob, but Bob the phone ringing because he a shower.

  4. Jane the pizza restaurant. She usually pizza on Friday night.

  5. The people across the street often a lot of noise. They a new house over there.

  6. We rarely to movies, but we now because we free tickets.

  7. John often colds, so he to his doctor about it.

  8. I an old refrigerator, but I money for a new one.

  9. Alice at the university because she to be a teacher.

  10. Joe never shorts because he his legs are ugly.