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Grammar and StructureGRAMMAR & STRUCTURE — Examples
Future Continuous


Examples sentences using future continuous:



Donna will be leaving work at 4:30.

Donna will begin working before 4:30, and she will continue working past 4:30.

Gail will be meeting with Chris at 11:00.

Gail and Chris will have a meeting before 11:00, and they will continue the meeting past 11:00.

Martha will be taking swimming lessons at 8:00.

Martha will begin her swimming lesson before 8:00, and her lesson will continue past 8:00.

My mother will be staying with us next week.

This decision was made before today. It is the week before my mother stays with us.

I will be going to the store this afternoon.

This decision was made before now. It is the morning before I go to the store.