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Grammar and StructureGRAMMAR & STRUCTURE — Exercises
Future Time Expressions


Answer the following questions to check your knowledge of future time expressions.

Choose the future time expressions in the following sentences.


Roberto is going to go to a doctor's appointment this afternoon.
going to go
go to
this afternoon

The correct answer is "this afternoon".


We have a meeting in an hour.

  a meeting
  an hour
  in an hour

Mary is giving a presentation this afternoon at work.

  at work
  this afternoon
  giving a presentation

By the year 2010, we will live in a cashless society.

  will live
  by the year 2010
  in a cashless society

Once the votes are in, the volunteers will add them up to determine the next mayor.

  once the votes are in
  will add
  determine the next mayor

Susan is going to get married in a month's time.

  in a month's time
  is going to
  to get married

As soon as the pictures are developed, they will be sent to the family.

  will be sent
  as the pictures
  as soon as

By the time of her retirement, Ivana hopes to be the CEO of the company.

  by the time of her retirement
  Ivana hopes
  hopes to be

The new couple is planning to get married and buy a house next year.

  next year
  is planning to

In the next five years, we are going to see many changes to our fragile environment.

  in the next five years
  the next five years
  are going to

Christa is going to complete her master's degree the year after next.

  after next
  the year after next
  is going to