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Grammar and StructureGRAMMAR & STRUCTURE — Examples


Examples sentences using articles:



There is a cat in the apple tree watching birds.

indefinite article: a cat
definite article: the apple tree
zero article: ___ birds

The books are in boxes under a table.

indefinite article: a table
definite article: the books
zero article: ___ boxes

The dog drinks water from a bowl on the floor.

indefinite article: a bowl
definite article: the dog, the floor
zero article: ___ water

Flowers in a vase don't stay fresh as long as flowers in the garden.

indefinite article: a vase
definite article: the garden
zero article: ___ flowers

The child ate an orange, a banana, and grapes for breakfast.

indefinite article: an orange, a banana
definite article: the child
zero article: ___ grapes