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Grammar and StructureGRAMMAR & STRUCTURE — Exercises


Answer the following questions to check your knowledge of questions.


Choose the correct question for the following answers.
Answer: We wake up at 5:00.
Do you wake at 5:00?
What time do you wake up?

The correct answer is "What time do you wake up?"


Answer: Yes, I live in Victoria.

  Do you live in Victoria?
  Where do you live?

Answer: I work at the University of Victoria.

  Do you work at the University of Victoria?
  Where do you work?

Answer: Yes, I can speak English.

  Can you speak English?
  What language can you speak?

Answer: Jeremy swims every day at lunchtime.


Does Jeremy swim every day at lunchtime?


Who swims every day at lunchtime?


Answer: No, my wife is a doctor.


Is your wife a lawyer?


What is your wife's job?


Answer: The game starts at 8:00.


Does the game start at 8:00?


When does the game start?


Answer: Yes, I can play guitar.


Can you play an instrument?


What do you do in your spare time?


Answer: I slept well.

  Did you sleep well?
  How did you sleep?

Answer: The green coat is mine.

  Is the blue coat yours?
  Whose coat is the green coat?

Answer: No, I walk to school.

  Do you ride your bike to school?
  How do you go to school?