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Resource Overview


The Resource Overview is an explanation of the contents of the resource. It describes the focus, objectives, and assignments for each unit.

Unit 1 — Illustrative Essay
In this unit you are going to learn about the basic structure and parts of an essay. Lesson 1 focuses on the essay introduction, Lesson 2 explains the essay body, and Lesson 3 provides information about the conclusion.
Unit 2 — Process Essay

This unit introduces you to process essays. Process essays describe the steps to do or make something. In Lesson 1 you will learn about the two types of process essay; Lesson 2 shows you verb forms, language, and sentence structures that are used in process essays, and Lesson 3 introduces you to paraphrasing.

Unit 3 — Compare and Contrast Essay

In this unit you will learn about the main principles of a Compare and Contrast Essay. Lesson 1 focuses on essential ideas for writing a thesis statement and developing the most common essay formats. In Lesson 2 you will review common sentence patterns, similes, metaphors, and persuasive language. Lesson 3 shows you linking words, expressions of equality and inequality.

Unit 4 — Classification Essay

In this unit, you will consciously focus on classification as a tool to organize your thinking and writing. In Lesson 1, you will learn about introducing the topic, dividing items into categories, and determining how to organize your essay. Lesson 2 focuses on subject and verb agreement, commonly misused words, and specific phrasal verbs. Lesson 3 focuses on important aspects of punctuation: the apostrophe, the comma, and the semicolon.

Unit 5 — Persuasive Essay

Lesson 1 focuses on the outline of a persuasive essay, key points of persuasion, types of logic, types of logical fallacies, and supporting evidence. Lesson 2 highlights the use of conciseness, common words and phrases, adverbs, and modals. Finally, in Lesson 3 the focus is on using quotations, summaries, and creating references. These lessons will help you write a successful persuasive essay.