Seasonal Colours

Introductory Paragraph

"April Showers bring May flowers." This old adage is often used to describe the fortune that will follow a particularly rainy month of April, and the reward of the colourful flowers is enough to make it through any kind of poor weather. 812 Stern Street is a house that always benefits from the showers of April and the tireless efforts of the green-thumbed owners. The house is surrounded by beautiful flowers, and the colours are sure to catch the eye of every passerby.
First Supporting Paragraph

The various colours of these flowers enhance the appearance of the house. The blooms are out for a period of two weeks and then they disappear until the following spring. Luckily, other flora is just beginning to bloom as the time for the bulbs comes to an end.
Second Supporting Paragraph

In the field alongside the house, wildflowers decorate the ground with vibrant shades of purple, blue, and white. Like the bulbs in the front of the house, the bloom doesn't stay for long. However, the colours tide us over until the blossoms spring open on the ends of the trees.
Third Supporting Paragraph

The trees take over the better part of the back yard, which is directly right of the field of purple, blue, and white wildflowers. The trees start their show of buds as the wildflowers are out, and the buds soon become brilliant green leaves which provide beauty and shade during the summer. The show comes to an end with incredible splashes of yellow, red, orange and brown in the fall.

Concluding Paragraph

"Autumn leaves bring a chilly breeze" would be an appropriate adage to describe this time of the year. However, none exists. Instead we look forward to the passing of winter when the showers of April will bring forth more beautiful flora to adorn streets, yards, and houses.