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Comprehension QuestionsUNIT 1 — Lesson 2 — Comprehension Questions
Supporting Paragraphs (Body)


Answer the following questions to check your understanding of supporting paragraphs. Select the best answers and read the explanations in the pop-up windows.



What are the main purposes of the supporting paragraphs in an essay? Click on all correct answers.



To catch the reader's attention



To describe and explain the main points of the essay



To conclude an essay



Which of the following are examples of ways to make a transition from one paragraph to another? Click on all correct answers.



Repeating words or expressions from the previous paragraph



Repeating the thesis statement



Referring to ideas from the previous paragraph



Using transitional words or expressions


Below are two paragraphs. Paragraph 2 is missing the first sentence. Select the best linking sentence to begin Paragraph 2.

Topic: The challenges of owning a puppy

Paragraph 1:

Unlike fish, who only wish to be fed and left alone, puppies require you to spend a lot of time caring for them. They need to be fed, walked, entertained and, in general, kept company. If they get hungry, bored, or lonely, they will bark or howl all day and upset your neighbours. Not only will you spend time caring for them, but you will spend even more time cleaning up after the puppy, arguing with family members over who will walk it and apologizing to the neighbours after it sneaks into their yard and digs up their garden. You had better have a lot of free time, because the puppy will use all of it.

Paragraph 2:

_______________________________________. Puppies, like new babies, sleep a lot, but not always during the night. When a puppy wakes up at one, three and five o'clock in the morning, it wants the same attention from you that it would get during the day. It doesn't understand that the people in the house need sleep, nor does it care. Hiding your head under your pillow doesn't make it go back to sleep; it just gets louder until it wakes up your neighbours. Some people think this is just a phase that the puppy will outgrow, but not all dogs do. My dog, for example, still likes to go outside and look at the stars at two o'clock in the morning. She is thirteen years old. Get used to those bags under your eyes because you are going to have them for a while.




Puppies have irregular sleep times.



Not only will they use up most of your day, but they will also cut into your nighttime.



You had better have a lot of free time at night too, because the puppy will keep you awake through the night.