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ExercisesUNIT 1 — Lesson 3 — Exercise 1 of 2
Types of Concluding Paragraphs


The following activity gives you a chance to check your understanding of concluding paragraphs.

From the menu box, choose the style used in the following concluding paragraphs.



Both coffee shops and drug dealers use calculated marketing techniques to compete for customers to buy their addictive products, which are prepared and consumed in sometimes elaborate rituals. Coffee shops, however, sell a legal product that is not harmful to their customers, while illegal drugs are recognized as major health risks even when used only once.





Meanwhile, we skated at every opportunity. Spring would come soon and that would mean the demise of our ice rink. The ice would melt, the hose would be put away, and Dad would finally move the cars back into the driveway. When I think back now to all of his work — the site preparation, the freezing and flooding, and the rink maintenance — I feel an amazing gratitude. I'm sure, too, that he was the happiest person on the block to see the flowers come out!





So there we have it, the new coffee culture. Whatever did we do before these gourmet coffee shops came along? How did we survive on generic convenience store coffee with no cinnamon? Where did the Escapees, the Cool Coffee Drinkers and the Starving Students go when they wanted a break? And, more importantly, if a Canadian resident were to go overseas for five years starting today, what changes in the culture would he or she find upon returning to Canada? What could be the next trend?