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Writing Tips


This section has useful ideas for getting started on writing and fine tuning your writing style. It can be very challenging to choose a topic that inspires you to write!

So look over this section and try some of the suggestions to improve your writing.


Drafting and Revising


  Writing a Rough Draft

Steps in the Writing Process

  Writing a First Draft


  Revising the First Draft




  Sufficient Support and Detail




  Editing the Revised Draft

  Determining Your Purpose

  Writing the Final Draft

  Identifying Your Audience

  Checklist for an Illustrative Essay


  Checklist for a Process Essay

  Persona or Style

  Checklist for a Compare & Contrast Essay


  Checklist for a Classification Essay

Planning and Organizing

  Checklist for a Persuasive Essay

  Narrowing Your Topic


  Identifying the Controlling Idea

Fine Tuning Your Language

  Identifying the Supporting Points

  Paraphrasing Passages

  Ordering Your Ideas

  Writing Summaries


  Avoiding Sexist Language

Creating an Outline


  Outline for an Illustrative Essay

  Outline for an Process Essay

  Outline for a Compare & Contrast Essay: Point by Point

  Outline for a Compare & Contrast Essay: Block Type

  Outline for a Classification Essay: Ascending Order

  Outline for a Classification Essay: Descending Order

  Outline for a Persuasive Essay