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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available



  Clustering is a visual way of generating ideas. Where brainstorming is making a list, clustering is connecting ideas visually. For some people, this is a better way to generate ideas because it is a less linear way of thinking.

To make a cluster:

  1. Begin by writing your topic in the middle of a page. Draw a circle around it.
  2. Think about your topic and write down any ideas that come to mind on the page around the main circle.
  3. Draw a circle around each of these ideas and then draw a line from the idea circles to the main circle.
  4. Think about these new words and write more related words around each of them.
  5. Circle these words and connect them to the ideas they relate to.
  6. Continue to do this until you have run out of ideas.

This will help you find new associations about your topic and see the relationship of ideas. It will also help you see what ideas have more support than others.