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Determining Your Purpose

  There should be a purpose for everything that you write. You are writing to tell your audience something for a particular reason, It is important to keep your purpose in mind because it gives direction to your writing. No matter what subject you choose for your thesis, you need to narrow it into an interesting subject that you can defend. There is no point in writing something that everyone already knows. You must choose an angle on your topic that is arguable and intriguing.

Generally, the more clearly you can state your purpose, the more precise your writing will be.

My purpose is to ____________ so that my audience ____________.

My purpose is to explain the benefits of cycling so that my audience will be persuaded to use bicycles as a primary means of transportation.

My purpose is to ____________ so that my audience ____________.

My purpose is to defend the recent no-smoking law so that my audience will see the benefits of having designated smoking areas.