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Identifying Your Audience


Two very different menOnce you have determined your purpose, you must then consider your reader’s point of view. Determining who you are writing to is essential as it dictates the approach you will take in presenting your ideas to your audience. To ensure better understanding, it is important to gear your writing to the people who will be reading your thoughts. The type of argument and language that you use reflects assumptions you are making about your audience’s knowledge and values. The audience’s age, social position, and educational, ethnic, cultural, and ideological background will affect the type of language and argument that is best suited for your writing.

For example

The writer in this paragraph assumes that the audience does not already have a dog and wants to warn the audience of the problems of owning a dog.

Dogs are man’s best friend. Or are they? As you gaze at that sweet puppy with those large, lonely eyes in the pet store, you may be thinking about taking it home. Think twice before making that canine cutie a part of your family. As the puppy grows it will consume most of your time, much of your sleep, and many of your favourite possessions.