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Persona or Style

  Your writing style reflects your persona or personality. It is important to find your own voice for expressing your thesis and supporting argument. All people have their own style whether or not they realize it. You can fine tune your style by learning what works and what doesn’t in your writing. Writing is a learned art, just like karate or dancing. It takes practice to perfect your skills. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t write perfectly on the first draft. Often it takes several drafts to organize your ideas into a cohesive piece of writing.

For example

The persona of the writer in this paragraph is light-hearted and persuasive.

Whenever I watch the Olympics, whether they are the summer or the winter games, I always reach the same conclusion: They would be much more enjoyable if they included bowling. This may sound shocking, for bowling is not a glamorous pastime. Professional bowlers are not seen on our television screens promoting luxury cars, nor do they appear on the covers of our magazines. Even so, bowling is poised to claim the title of the world’s greatest sport. It is wonderfully unique, it is a soothing activity in these troubled times, and it offers participants incredible convenience and affordability.

In contrast, the persona of the writer in this paragraph is serious and sympathetic.

In my opinion, it is immoral to have the death penalty because it is wrong to kill, the accused may be found innocent, and it is a cruel punishment. First, no human being has the right to kill another person. For example, if we kill a murderer, then we would become murderers ourselves. Second, sometimes innocent people have been charged with murder by mistake. For example, a person who has been executed may be found innocent later and would have died for no reason. Third, methods used in the death penalty cause great suffering to the accused person. For instance, the lethal injection given to kill people sometimes does not work and the person is in a lot of pain for a long time. In conclusion, any person with compassion would agree to end the death penalty immediately.