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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


Unity — Revised Draft


Compare the revised draft with the first draft to see how the writer has corrected the paragraph.

Improving Concentration

Good concentration is necessary to make studying effective and efficient. You should find a good place to study where you will not be disturbed or distracted. First, you need to prepare the space for work by removing anything that will distract you and by getting all your books and papers together. Next, give yourself a small task that you can complete in a short time. When you have finished that task, take a short rewarding break. Then return to your study place and do a slightly longer task. If you only take a break when your concentration is broken, you are rewarding poor concentration. You need to practise success and build concentration gradually. When you have thoughts about other things as you are studying, write them in a special notebook and return to them after your study time. If you have to study in a noisy area, play some quiet music. Sometimes a steady, pleasant sound will cover up a number of other noises. Research has shown that these strategies will improve your ability to work, but it takes practice.