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  This is an overview of the Writing Tips.

There are several ways to develop ideas for your essay thesis. You can collect and focus your thoughts by brainstorming, clustering, and asking questions.

Planning and Organizing
After determining your main points, you will organize and narrow the ideas you developed during the pre-writing stage.

Creating an Outline
Organizing your thoughts in a specific order is made easier by creating an outline. An outline is essential for creating a well-organized, cohesive essay.

Drafting and Revising
During the drafting stage you will write an essay based on your outline. The revising stage is ongoing. At this point, reread your essay to check for unity, coherence, punctuation, and style. Prepare it for submission by writing a good final draft.

Fine Tuning Your Language
This section shows you how to use a thesaurus, apply gender-neutral language, write summaries, and paraphrase passages.