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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


Present Perfect Continuous


Answer the following questions to check your knowledge of the present perfect continuous.

Choose the correct sentence to describe the following situations.


Peter smells like beer.

Peter has drink beer.
Peter has been drinking beer.

The correct answer is "Peter has been drinking beer."


Heather lived in London. We do not know when.

  Heather is living in London.
  Heather has lived in London.

Heather started living in London in 1998. She is living there now.

  Heather has been living in London since 1998.
  Heather lived in London in 1998.

The kitchen smells like cookies.

  Have you ever baked cookies?
  Have you been baking cookies?

I came to Victoria on May 10. Today is May 17.

  I have been in Victoria since seven days.
  I have been in Victoria for seven days.

James started writing letters at 9:00 a.m. Now it is 11:30 a.m. He continues to write letters.

  James has been writing letters all morning.
  James wrote letters all morning.

James finished writing a letter two minutes ago. Now he is not writing letters.

  James wrote a letter this morning.
  James has just written a letter.

Sandy wants to know the amount of time Sue has worked at the hospital. The amount of time is important.

  How long have you been working at the hospital?
  When did you start to work at the hospital?

Sandy wants to know if Sue worked in an office at any time in the past.

  Have you been working in an office?
  Have you ever worked in an office?

Which question asks about recent past activities?

  Have you been watching TV all day?
  Are you watching TV all day?

Choose the correct answer to this question: "How long have you been on holiday?"

  I've been on holiday since two weeks.
  I've been on holiday for two weeks.