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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


Determiners: Articles


Sentences using articles

There is a cat in the apple tree, watching birds. Indefinite article: a cat
Definite article: the apple tree.
Zero article: ___ birds

- We do not know which cat
- We know which tree: the apple tree
- We do not know the birds, and "birds" is the plural form

The English books are in boxes under a table. Indefinite article: a table
Definite article: the books
Zero article: ___ boxes
- We do not know which table
- We know which books: the English books
- We do not know which boxes, and "boxes" is the plural form
The dog drinks water from a bowl on the floor. Indefinite article: a bowl
Definite article: the floor
Zero article: ___ water
- We do not know which bowl
- We know which floor: the floor in the house
- The water is not specific, and water is a non-count noun
Flowers in a vase don't stay fresh as long as flowers in the garden. Indefinite article: a vase
Definite article: the garden
Zero article: ___ flowers
- We do not know which vase
- We know which garden: the garden at the house
- We do not know which flowers, just flowers in general, and "flowers" is plural
The child ate an orange, a banana, and grapes for breakfast. Indefinite article: an orange, a banana
Definite article: the child
Zero article: ___ grapes
- We do not know which orange, banana, or grapes
- We know the child
- We do not know which grapes, and "grapes" is plural
I was born in Mexico. Zero article: ___ Mexico - Use no article before the name of a person or place