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Numbers: Ordinal



Ordinal numbers show time or space order.


My first child is a girl, and my second child is a boy.


Ordinal numbers --

  • go before the noun.
  • show time or space order.
  • can be spelled out (sixth) or numeric (6th).
  • are formed by writing the number + "th" (for example, sixth), except:
    • irregular forms: 1st, 2nd, 3rd = first, second, third
  • there are spelling rules for some forms:
    • five and twelve change the "ve" to "f" = fifth and twelfth
    • Eight adds only 'h' = eighth
    • twenty, thirty, forty, and so on change the "y" to "ie" before adding "th" = twentieth, thirtieth, fortieth
    • nine drops the 'e' = ninth

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