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Superlatives are adjectives that compare more than two (2) nouns (people, places, or things).



Jill is 175 centimetres tall.
Jack is 150 centimetres tall.
Joe is 165 centimetres tall.

Jill is the tallest student.


Superlatives --

  • show which noun has the most of a certain characteristic. For example: "Jack is tall. Joe is taller. Jill is the tallest."
  • add "est" to nouns with one syllable.
  • change "y" to "i" before adding "est" for two-syllable words ending in "y."
  • use "most" with nouns with more than one syllable (nouns ending in "y" use both forms: adjective + est and most + adjective).
  • have irregular forms.
  • double the final consonant and add "est" if the word ends in consonant + vowel + consonant.
  • use "the" before the superlative adjective to show there is only one. For example: "Harriet is the nicest woman."

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