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UNIT 2 — Lesson 1 — Exercise 2 of 2
Travel Vocabulary


Match the following expressions with the correct definitions. Click on an expression then click on the correct definition.



1. Go through customs

2. A ticket

3. To be on time

4. To sail

5. To board

6. To make a reservation

7. To take off

8. To confirm a reservation

9. To land

10. To ride

11. To be on vacation

12. To be delayed

13. To check in

14. To check your luggage


You need this to get on a bus, train, boat, or plane. It has information about your seat

This is where you show your passport and give information about your trip

To check your travel plans

This describes a trip for a holiday

When a plane arrives at the airport

To travel on a bus, train, or bicycle

To get on a bus, boat, plane, or train

When a plane leaves the airport

To leave your suitcase at the check-in counter

To identify yourself for a hotel room or ticket

To arrive or leave at the correct time

To book a hotel, airplane ticket, or table at a restaurant

To travel by boat

When you are late