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UNIT 2 — Lesson 2 — Exercise 1 of 2
Past Time


The following exercises will give you more practice identifying the difference between the simple past and the past continuous.

Read the following sentences and choose the correct verb form to complete the sentence.


I a ticket yesterday.

The correct answer is "bought".


1. I for my seat on the train at 4:40 yesterday.
2. I out of my hotel this morning.
3. I as a tour guide when I met John.
4. I to Canada by boat last year.
5. My travel agent my travel arrangements at 5:30 p.m.
6. I for my luggage at the baggage claim 20 minutes after the plane landed.
7. I a tour of the CN Tower during the lightning storm.
8. I to the Art Museum yesterday.
9. I a tour of the city this morning at 10:00.
10. Joe for a hotel in Victoria.