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UNIT 2 — Lesson 3B — Exercise 3 of 3
Time Clauses


The following exercise will give you practice using time clauses.
The exercise includes words and phrases from Lesson 1. If you need to review travel expressions, go to Lesson 1 before you do this exercise.

Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.


I a ticket yesterday.

The correct answer is "bought".

1. I for my seat on the train when the train .
2. I out of my hotel when my taxi .

I as a tour guide in London when I my partner.

4. When I to Canada, I by boat.
5. My travel agent my travel plans at 5:30.
6. I for my luggage at the baggage claim when I my friend.
7. I a tour of the CN Tower when it to rain.
8. I to the art museum while I in Montreal.
9. I a tour of the city while my sister the sights.
10. Joe at travel magazines when he to go on vacation.