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UNIT 2 — TRAVEL — Lesson 3C
Asking Questions


In order to do the exercises and activities in this lesson, you need to know the concepts explained in the reference tools listed here. Please review these sections. If you do not understand something, please ask your teacher.

Grammar & Structure:

To get information about travelling when you plan a trip, you will use information questions. Information questions ask for information using a question word. In this section you will learn how to write information questions.

The structure for an information question is:

+ do/be + SUBJECT + VERB

Question Word
(also called WH-words)

what thing
where place
  • at the travel agency
why reason
  • Why did I need my passport?
when time
  • When did I buy my ticket?
  • on Friday
how manner
  • How did I pay for my ticket?
who people
  • Who sold the ticket?
  • travel agent

*Who has a different pattern than the other WH words when the answer is the subject of the sentence. The pattern is: Who + VERB + object.

The Grammar & Structure Reference Tool has more information about Questions.